Easily track your newborn and share the most important moments

Easily track your newborn and share the most important moments

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Join thousands of new parents who have used BabyFit to log and record all aspects of their newborn's development. This is the onlyfreeapp you will need to care for your little one and share the joys with friends and family.


  • Easily track your baby's breastfeeding / formula / bottle / diaper / sleeps & naps / medecines / bath
  • Share the load with other parent, friends & family
  • Add scheduled GP visits, pediatrician, vaccinations and emergency visits to the hospital
  • Knowledge and advice customized to your baby's current metrics
  • Add comments & pictures and share with close friends and families
  • Post updates so the other parent always know what's going on
  • Comprehensive graphs and reports to see baby trends
  • Track updates of multiple babies
  • Fully supported with regular updates. We provide email support for any questions you have or issue you many encounter

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“ With this world class baby tracker, I don't have to write anything down again! BabyFit makes tracking baby's numbers simple so I have more free time for myself „

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About us


Lucy & Heriwere blown away when their baby Raphael was born. Every second of that new life felt important - like an amazing story was unfolding.

Doctors and baby specialists asked them to log baby feeding times, as well as diaper and sleeping times. This soon became overwhelming. They decided to author an application to easily track health metrics and make itsimple!

BabyFit was then born. It soon enabled to share with grandparents, siblings and friends the most important milestones and cherished family moments.

Our values

  1. We listen to our customers.
  2. We love simple.
  3. We respect customers' privacy.
  4. We passionately solve problems.

Email us at joy@babyfit.co !